Montana Run 2014: September 27th

Date is set, mark your calendars and get your Bimmers ready for our annual end of Summer blast into Montana.


Meet up at 9:30am
South corner of the Albertson’s parking lot in Liberty Lake . Be sure to have enough gas to get to Kingston. (apx 45 Miles) 

Departure at 10:00 am.
We’ll take Appleway out of town to regroup before hitting I-90. Please observe all local rules of the road and be mindful of other drivers.

EXIT 40 **NEW**
(similar to last year, but we’ll take Exit 40 and roll into Kingston on a little side road. If you miss it, take the Kingston Exit and go North to the first gas station on the North side of I-90)

Gas and Regroup
Our first scheduled stop will be at the Shell station in Kingston. Use this opportunity to fill your tank (and perhaps empty another) 
Next gas 60 miles.

Coeur D’Alene River
We’ll head North along the river before turning East toward Thompson Pass.

Thompson Pass scenic overlook
Our next scheduled stop will be here. The entrance can sneak up on you, so watch for brake lights and signals! Photo opportunity, piss break.

Welcome to Montana!
We’ll head down into Montana on one of the most amazing mountain passes that you’ll ever have the privilege of driving. With new surfacing just a couple years ago and a 70mph speed limit, it should be a nice smooth, and fast drop into Thompson Falls.

Minnie’s Cafe – Thompson Falls, MT

Clark Fork River
After lunch the route will follow the the river down the most amazing river valley in Montana before heading South down the Lo Lo River towards St. Regis where we’ll stop to fill up and maybe buy some goodies.

The Gut
Here we’ll jump back on I90 and head West back toward Spokane. This is a fun drive over a couple of twisty mountain passes.

Scenic Stop / Regroup
Once you hit the top of the pass and Leave Montana, you’ll go under an overpass (to the ski hill) and round a corner to the left. On the right hand side, watch for a paved “exit”. It is unmarked so watch for a large gravel pull-out that precedes it. We’ll all stop here for one last chance for photos before hitting I-90 again for home.

Rules of the Road
Please drive responsibly. Northwest BMW Club cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury that may occur due to the actions of others.

Do not drive in a manner that may put other vehicles in danger.

If you do not know where you are going, do not pass the lead car.

If you plan on separating from the group, be sure to make your intent clear to the event organizer and/or lead vehicle.

Have fun!