BMW Sets Guinness World Record for Drifting

Drifting’s origins are nearly as old as professionally racing itself. Thanks to the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the concept of “drifting” has entered the common lexicon. Drifting right requires a high performance vehicle; make sure to take your bimmer to a BMW service center before pealing out. Taking a turn fast in one angle while cranking the wheel in the opposite direction is the same idea that makes for good donuts in the big parking lots, but when applied to the racetrack the excitement is amplified. After years of popularity around the world, the sport is now beginning to gain a footing in the United States.

Over the last decade drifting teams from around the globe have made an effort to claim records associated with the sport. The accounting body known as Guinness World Records has been tracking these performances in an effort to document the developments and award the best performers. It was in this grand tradition that BMW set out on May 11th of this year to attain the record and bring it to the U.S. after years of foreign mastery.

The good people within the automaker saw fit to construct a special course with a skip pad integrated that allowed Johan Schwartz in their M5 to drift continuously for 51.278 miles. Another household name and luxury German automaker was victorious recently at a world class race. It was a Mercedes driven by Nico Rosberg that won the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26th as well. Seems that Italian and Asian makes and models aren’t dominating every field. While these are both notable accomplishments for German auto engineering, the drifting record has some detractors. Some feel that since this was a constructed scenario with a track that was watered down for this purpose it diminishes the accomplishment. Well, Guinness does not feel that way and awarded the driver for his record breaking efforts.


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